About Us

Akhila Muralidhar

Finance Planner and Advisor by passion, a Finance Blogger and Trainer, a former techie and Project Manager

I am a CFP CM with an investing experience of over 15 years. I was always financially-savvy from my younger days. I started investing from the day I received my third salary. With disciplined investing and frugal lifestyle, I was able to “retire” from my regular job after working for 12 years. We managed to transition easily from a double income family to a single income family.

I wanted to pursue my passion and spread financial awareness to everyone. That’s when I decided to take a formal qualification – CFP CM – which is a Gold standard and internationally recognized qualification by the global finance industry.

Apart from advising clients, friends and family, I also pursue my passion for writing on finance topics, and enjoy teaching personal finance and wealth management. I also conduct Investor Awareness Programs at corporates and housing societies.

My passion in life is to help people understand finance in a simple and easy manner, which in turn can help them take informed decisions related to money in their daily lives.

IndianFinanceDictionary was started to bring all the knowledge of finance and its terminologies exclusive to India at one place.

What is Indian Financial Dictionary?

Indian Financial Dictionary is a database that contains the meaning and explanation of all financial terms and formulae, that are widely used, with emphasis on financial terms used in India. It has been created to help everyone understand the meaning of financial terms used commonly and rarely, in a simple and clear manner.

Who should use Indian Financial Dictionary?

Indian Financial Dictionary can be used for free on our website. We have provided the meanings of almost all the financial terms along with the context in which they can be used.

Why do you need an Indian Financial Dictionary?

It is extremely important to understand every financial term and their real-life applications in today’s world. Our country, with its diverse culture and influences, has many unique finance terms and products such as Crore, Chit Fund (Kitty, Chits etc.) It is only wise to know the meaning of all the terms to not only handle day-day affairs related to money but also before making any investment. A little knowledge helps you not only to avoid getting misguided or getting products mis-sold, but also helps you take the right financial decisions.

How does Indian Financial Dictionary work?

We have a glossary that can be looked by the starting letter of the word. Also, you can search by category. We also have a blog where we write on various topics on financial products, current affairs, economic developments across India. You can also search for any financial term you are looking for. The “Most Searched” words and “Recently Added” words are also shown.

Finance can be complex and intimidating. Our mission is to provide you with information that you can use with confidence irrespective of your level of experience or knowledge.

Everyone needs good knowledge of finance so that they have confidence to manage all aspects of their financial life efficiently. A little knowledge gathered everyday takes a person long way ahead, in taking smarter decisions in every aspect of financial life.

Our mission is to simplify complex financial information to overcome challenges in daily financial life. Indian Finance Dictionary can be referred whether you are a student or employed, mid-career or nearing retirement, stay-at-home parent or retired, beginner in investing or a day trader, it’s for everyone.

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